ist2_3737014_sands_of_timeThe common element which all landlords share is finance and the need to produce the rosiest returns and the highest yield, so how can landlords ensure their purchase is the right one?

The main priority when choosing a rental property is the letting appeal and assessing the realistic rental income. As a letting specialist, Taylor Made offer a FREE service which advises you as to whether you could be making the right choice of property to purchase or the wrong one and how you can maximise your return.

A representative from Taylor Made will be happy to meet you at a property you are considering to purchase or arrange an appointment to discuss an opportunity in the office.

For a free no obligation discussion contact your nearest Taylor Made office.

You managed the smoothest possible sale of our flat. Taylor Made put it on the market one evening and we accepted an offer on it the next afternoon! Taylor Made was always easy to get hold of and helpful throughout the sale. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to buy or sell.

A. Hulburt