Tenancy Costs

To reserve a property prior to entering into a tenancy:

Applicants pay a Reservation Fee of £250.00 or a sum equivalent of one weeks rent (whichever is the greater)

Important information:
You should only pay a reservation fee if you have read and accepted our terms of business. By placing a reservation fee, you accept our terms of business and agree to be bound by them throughout this transaction. Reservation fees are non-refundable in the event that you withdraw at any stage or you provide any false or incorrect information in any way or you fail ‘The Right to Rent Check’ or you fail to take all reasonable steps to enter into a tenancy that you would reasonably be expected to take. In the event that a landlord should withdraw prior to commencement of tenancy, you will receive a refund limited to a maximum of £250.00. Reservation fees may be paid via cash or BACS/bank transfer.

Reservation fees are deducted from the deposit assuming the let proceeds.

Before move in:

One month’s rent is payable in advance
(The amount of rent required may vary according to individual circumstances)

You will also be required to pay a deposit, the sum of which will be equivalent to five weeks rent.